Monday, July 16, 2012

Long long time didn't come to write my blog already 
because last time not feel like coming :(
finally !! today i come XD

this few days , a lot of things happen
i think i like a guy in my class 
actually , i just play with him and say iloveyou to him

and then every msg with him 
but now , this few days he didn't text me anymore
really really feel very very sad and disappointed :'(

today in class, he only talk to me three sentence only :((
very sad leh !!! why he don't want play with me and talk to me more 

his best friend tell me that he like me last time 
but now leh ? the feeling has still on ?
i'm not sure lo :'(

but he younger then me and ... we not match lo
haizz ... 顺其自然 :)

i know my english grammar not good
but this also not ENGLISH CLASS okay ? :)


I'm EnEn Jane
Seventeen years old at this years
Love Stitch :D Love Music
From Penang , Malaysia
At Singapore study now
I LOVE everything i LOVE


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